Friday, February 5, 2010

Australian Red Cross Op-Shop, Richmond (Cremorne)

There is this great dispersion of colour in this op-shop. The clothes have been colour coded so they fan around the small space graduating from corals, to pinks, red, yellows, greens, blues and blacks.

When I was there a couple of volunteers were arguing over the dressing of the mannequins, trying to match a bag with one clothed in white capri pants and a purple shawl. Garment quality and presentation are obviously well considered in this shop. It's good to see volunteers taking an active interest in the lay-out of the store.

But despite a little bit of innovation, this doesn't really feel like an op-shop. It's too clinical and most of the clothes are only a few seasons old. It was 2003 all over again and I was an awkward teenager, buying stretchy t-shirts from supre and trying to show as much cleavage as possible. It was all almost new, slightly recycled and way too 2003 for my liking.

It's a great place for alternatives to moderate to low priced department store clothing. There is this overwhelming feeling of modernity, including the airconditioner blasting icy air into the store.

Among the few vintage highlights was a technicolour top made from crinkly, stretchy fabric and a couple of lovely cream shirts with collars and lapels embroidered with little hearts and blue and gold thread.

There were a couple of simple black wraps, a nice-looking linen jacket, black skinny jeans and a vest with bold, brassy buttons.

There were clothes from brands like living doll, wish and supre and while they were young and a little bit fashionable, their selection really cancelled out the quality of vintage finds in the shop.

I'd always been curious about op-shops in Richmond, believing it to be either a bit of a wasteland or a heartland of underground vintage finds. Despite some early promise, Swan St proved to be a bit of a barren disappointment (If you've found a good op-shop in Richmond I'd love some suggestions.)

Great if you need some casual stuff for work or day wear or you are clinging onto 2003. A couple of vintage finds.

where is it? 120 Swan St, Richmond (or Cremorne)
how do i get there? Train to Richmond station and exit at the Swan St end (opposite the MCG exit)
will i have to wait for a change room? there are two
whats on the stereo?
New age/ Enya style vapid nonsense
i'm hungry? Mexicali Rose on Swan St has excellent mexican food if you are in the mood for a sit-down meal (103, Swan St Richmond)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Check cat and bird out at Etsy

It's early days but I have put a couple of items from my collection of vintage clothes on It's a great platform to sell vintage and handmade pieces if you haven't got the web-skills to set up an online store yourself.

Come have a browse, there are only a few items up at the moment, but more to come!

** Special thanks to my beautiful model Jasie