Friday, October 9, 2009

Antiques and Cafe, Albert Park Tram stop.

Ok, so this one is not really an op-shop. Friday afternoon was incredibly frustrating, I walked fourteen blocks from South Melbourne to Albert Park in heels, black and a faux fur stole (it was unseasonably warm) ...

...only to find the Albert Park Southport opshop I'd been intending to go to was closed. But I discovered this wonderful antiques shop at the Albert Park light railway station on the way home.

It was a great accidental find; incredibly the shop and all its antique, wooden items were squeezed into the old stationmasters building on the platform. My despondent mood was lifted after I walked into the dark space and inhaled this rich grainy, woody smell.

In the narrow space old wooden church pews, giant dark cedar and mahogany tables, deep chairs with wicker linings, bookcases, lockers, arching ladders and a giant wooden wheel (?) were piled neatly on top one another under the high ceilings. There was nice juxtaposition of all the old furniture and this swampy blues music that came from the adjoining cafe. The best item though, was a consentina style wooden changing wall. Like one of those old ones you'd drape all these lovely silk and lace items over while deciding what to wear.

There was plenty of old train paraphernalia (old signs etc), for train/tram nuts interested in vintage items. I didn’t have a ling time to look around, because my tram arrived. It's incredibly expensive (the furniture is worth thousands), but it was a fantastic glimpse at some great period items (many of which I guess would have been used in the station in the early 20th century) ... and a good way to kill some time....

where is it? Albert Park light rail tram stop on Ferrars St, Albert Park.
cafe it's attached to the antiques store had this relaxed atmosphere and the coffee smelled good!


  1. Sounds like a tough walk! At least you got some exercise and some sun.

  2. ha! it was good, I discovered parts of South Melbourne I never thought existed. Plus a couple of nice-looking vintage stores to return to....

    ... feet crippled after though