Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broadmeadows Care Bargain Store, Coburg

The Broadmeadoows Care Bargain Store - located in Coburg?! - is one part op-shop, one part $2 bargain store. It's squeezed between the two Coles outlets behind Bell St in Coburg.

There are some interesting pieces, despite the slightly grubby interior. I loved this 90s lace mid-drift top that was half priced on a rack outside and there was an amazing selection of gold droplet and button clip-on earrings under the glass counter at the front. The collection is limited because of the small size of the shop, it's a square space that has been partitioned off. I found myself considering buying a velvet coat, but being distracted by discounted detergent and lavender soap on the shelf in the middle of shop.

There were pirate party plates, crepe rosettes, rosewater sprays, odd shaped vases and paper plates. The store is obviously a bit of a community staple. Most of the customers chatted happily away with volunteer behind the desk and the clothes had an everyday wear-ability and were affordable. The collection included plenty of womens basics, including brand new singlets, children's wear and a range of navy blue and white pumps with kitten heels.

My shopping buddy found a navy wool and polyester pin stripe suit that had been tailor made in Hong Kong, it only needed a little bit of careful darning on the inside left pocket and a dry clean. Another good find was a pair of black skinny jeans for around $15.

The bargain center is a little shop, and you won't be overwhelmed by a mountains of clothes. The bargain store/opshop combination is a neat idea and it's one of those tucked away gems to remember when you're next in the area.

where is it? Rear 95 Bell St, Coburg
how do I get there? catch the no.19 tram from Elizabeth St to stop 34 in Coburg - get off just before you cross Bell St. -
is there parking? plenty, there is a generous parking area at Coles opposite.
what's on the stereo? magic 1278
i'm hungry?? plenty of kebab shops, try the arcade just off Sydney Rd. Half Moon Kebab shop has kebabs without the grease -$7.00

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