Saturday, November 7, 2009

Salvation Army Op Shop, Brunswick

Salvos in Brunswick. It's a spacious store divided into two neat halves. Furniture, cupboards, bookcases on one side. Horizontal racks of clothes on the other.

It's a fusion of different styles, I tried on faux fur jackets to "bossa nova" style jazz in a large, off-white change room.

There were some great seventies/sixties-style pieces of furniture, the highlight being a baby blue table with chrome fittings around the side and wonderful long table legs. Browsing was almost like wandering through ikea or a museum filled with second-hand artifacts. There was this wonderful organ with two keyboards, it's polished wood gleamed at me from the front window, and I had to quickly remind myself that I didn't need (or know how to play) an organ.

There was a decent sized selection of clothes, but it was organised well (horizontal, well-spaced out racks) so you didn't feel overwhelmed. There were some wonderful white lace tops and dresses made out of that cool, cottony material with different patterns and appliques. I'm not a big fan of corduroy pants, but the was a pretty extensive collection in the men's wear section. All the clothes seemed to be in good quality and were arranged mostly by colour and style along the racks.

The feature of the women's collection were the variety of those 90s lace and mid-riff tops. I bought this long-sleeved lace top that was cut off at the rib cage. Across the chest there was a red-satin base. It was unique and very nineties (think pairing it with dark lip-stick and doc martens.)

Interestingly, the shops talking point was the big selection of men's work wear (overalls and fluoro tops and jumpsuits) and mattresses. So if you are in the market for both or either of those items, this is the place to look. The prices were good, which is typical of most salvos stores. Dresses ranged from $5-$20. Pants and suits from $20-$50 and furniture (especially the large pieces) from $70.

where is it? 740 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
how do i get there? Tram no.19 to Coburg from Elizabeth St
will i have to wait for a change room? there are 2 change rooms
whats on the stereo? Bossa Nova - fusion jazz (??)
i'm hungry? I'd recommend the Retreat Hotel a little further up Brunswick St. Great pub with a retro feel.

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