Sunday, November 22, 2009

hardrubbish and nana vintage

Essentially, I'm not sure if you can classify things you find in hard rubbish or items given to you by your Nana as "vintage," but there is certainly a generous dosage of secondhand somewhere.

Someone stacked some old stereos near the wheelie bins at the back of my flat, this was my favourite:

The screen has been removed and the speakers have been exposed. There is no cord and it doesn't work or connect to anything. But I like the circular patterns around the speakers, and it often doubles as a stand for my towel, bike helmet and glass of water.


These items below were given to me by my Nana when I went for dinner and a game of cards. Nana's and relatives are an untapped source of great old clothes and vintage pieces.

I love the sheer top with a white pattern overlay (on the left) and violently colourful bomber jacket with the MC hammer feel.

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