Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Animal Liberation Op Shop, Camberwell

It's an unlikely space for an op-shop, small, modern and remotely located on the edge of the suburban sprawl.

It has windows painted like a butchers with 1/2 priced specials on Havaianas thongs, this store is famous for cheap Havaianas thongs. For the large part the clothes are uninteresting, gazman-style slacks, tops and jeans for men (good basics) and a few strappy printed dresses, work shirts and colourful lycra tops for women.

I loved a wonderful corset type, white shirt creation. Think Madonna and like a virgin, with lace, pearls, satin and a perky bust. There is a small, but robust collection of VHS' (including titles like Armageddon and the Breakfast Club) and some good second hand books, kids clothes, strappy leather handbags and other assorted goods.

It's a quiet shop and the collection is limited. But you may find one or two interesting pieces and some good basics. The Havaianas racket in this op-shop is one of the more interesting op-shop, thong related rackets I may have encountered.
There are boxes of them and depending what month and what day you go in on there is usually a variety of sizes. They even have kid sizes.

Not a great place for vintage fashion, cheap Havaianas are the highlight.


  1. I've dropped in here twice in five years, and nothing changes! It hardly qualifies as an opshop in my eyes; more of a retail outlet for all the imported cheaps stuff.