Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop, South Melbourne

Who doesn't like Tony Bennett? He just seems like a nice guy.

The corny jazz of the silver-haired crooner is the soundtrack to this deceptively charming op-shop.

It's a floral-inspired vintage universe and the Sacred Heart Mission have transformed a plain building on Clarendon St into a wonderful space. Old-fashioned bird cages, fake vines and flowers hang from the ceiling, it's impressive stuff and the attention to detail is amazing.

The nerve center of the shop is the counter and sorting pile in the middle, with racks and wardrobes of clothes, shoes, handbags and records unfolding out around it. There are some good obscure buys and some quality finds from good labels amongst the standard op-shop fare.

I liked that some care has gone into placement of clothes, it was balanced well. Some good items and labels on some ranks, counter-balanced by everyday clothes and accessories. There were a few excellent pieces on a rack just inside the entrance. I loved a Burberry-style trench coat and a faux fur lined jacket with a bell shape.

The collection of millinery was fantastic, soft felt hats, feathered creations, berets, beanies and hats with fur and sequined trims. It stretched across the top of a low, wooden rack of clothes and mixed pieces that were high-end or suitable for the races with feminine caps that could be worn everyday.

Most impressive were the collection of white and cream shirts, tops and jumpers. There some really gentle and delicate fabrics and plenty of sheer, patterned creations that would work well tucked into skirts or high-waisted denim shorts.

Chunky black boots dominated a decent shoe collection and there were plenty of skinny black jeans that were for women, but could have unisex potential. The men's collection consisted of mainly dark and navy pieces, though some bright sweaters and jumpers brought some colour to the collection.

Vases, porcelain plates, saucers, tea cups and animal inspired milk jugs added a unique finish to the op-shop. Prices were a little higher than other op-shops, but not as expensive as clothes from a vintage fashion store.

Again, great attention to detail, I really loved the big white-washed wardrobe filled with nightdresses, the oval mirrors and the lovely floral curtains in the change-rooms.

Loved it.

where is it? 365 Clarendon St, South Melbourne
how do i get there? Take the no.1 tram to South Melbourne, cnr of Clarendon St and Park St. Turn left at the intersection and walk towards Albert Park
will i have to wait for a change room? there are two, spacious changerooms
whats on the stereo? Tony Bennett
i'm hungry? Taco Bill's is a couple of stores down, check the website out for nightly specials and the multitude of margarita's are a must.

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