Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bentleigh Market stall

Weather permitting, I'll be holding my first vintage clothes stall at the Bentleigh marke on Sunday the 17th of January

Vintage clothes and a small selection of bags, earrings and hats will be on offer. I'll be at stall 37 (somewhere in the middle of the market) if you would like to drop by.

The Bentleigh markets are just behind Centre rd Bentleigh, in the carpark next to Bentleigh station. It's an interesting mix of garage sale junk, plants and gardening stuff and a few nice secondhand finds.

Hope to see you there!


  1. How did you go at Bentleigh last Sunday? I'd love to have gone, but it's a fair hike from my place, and I had other commitments on the day..bummer!

  2. It was good! very windy, it was cool seeing people buy my things!

    I have some stock left over so I'm going to try and sell some stuff at the South Melbourne night markets and online!