Sunday, January 3, 2010

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Ashwood

This is a relatively new incarnation for the Salvo's on the edge of Ashburton and Ashwood. Occupying two big rooms in a row of flat, square shops, the clothes are affordable and there are some really interesting items.

At the moment, the bulk of the clothes are half-priced, the special also extends to hats. I admired this blue hat made from felt, a bowler hat with a wide brim, it was brilliant and totally inspired by "Madeline" (the French orphan who is very very small... but inside she's tall!) The small collection of furniture is on display outside the shop, stools, oak tables and draws are generously discounted, if a little scratched and careworn. The was also a rather extensive collection of home wares and porcelain statues, vases and other kitsch collectibles.

There is a good range of clothes in the room adjacent to the counter. Amongst the t-shirts, blouses and brown lace shirts there were some inventive and colourful pieces. I found a quilted jacket, embroidered from blue and gold material with stretchy velvet sleeves, a ruffled, long-sleeved top that cinched in at the waist and a pair of mahogany tinged lace-ups from Rivers.

There were some long, discounted wedding dresses, made from taffeta, pearl and sequin and a lovely leather jacket with long swirly pattens carved into the padded shoulders. Shoes were showcased in a wide cabinet along the back wall. There were some impressive eighties pumps and sling-backs and narrow leather boots for men.

There was little joy to be found amongst a rack of $2 clothing, despite the engaging "$2 off, today only" sign in swirly black marker. However there were plenty of bargains and half priced clothes were good for buying in bulk.

The ladies at the counter are lovely. Salt of the earth, country netball mum's they were, dealing out advice, gossip and compliments while they worked the busy shop-front.

FINAL WORD: Not a brilliant selection, but some colorful pieces and unique pieces if you can take time to sort through the racks. Inventive window displays and great prices.

**Spend $10 or more and you get a "loyalty" card, after every 5 purchases you get $5 off - and, well a candy cane.

where is it?
401-403 High St, Ashwood
how do i get there? Glen Waverley train to holmesglen, then catch the 908 Altona (yes, the bus to Altona) to the corner of High St and Warragul Ashwood, walk towards Box Hill and turn left at the Subway corner.
will i have to wait for a change room? there are 2
whats on the stereo?
No music on the stereo :(
i'm hungry? subway on the Warragul rd corner

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